War-Poets of the Fall

Do you remember standing on a broken fieldあの荒野に立っていたのを覚えてる?White crippled wings beating the sky白い翼が窮屈そうに空を飛んでいたThe harbingers of war with their nature revealed彼らの本当の姿が暴かれる戦いの前触れさAnd our c…

Dreaming Wide Awake-Poets of the Fall

Too late, the melody is over彼女の鼓動は止まってしまったのかThe joke seems to be on me cos I'm the one not laughingそんな冗談じゃ笑えないよDown here on the floorせっかくここまで来たというのに Deflate, the mystery of living命の神秘性っての…