Tove Lo

Lies In The Dark-Tove Lo

Over, over, and againOver (aah) and againOver, over, and againOver (aah) People talk, but people don't knowみんなそう言うけど、本当は知らないのYou can't make plans, just live as I goあなたも私みたいに生きてるのねPeople talk, they don't und…

Scars(From ''The Divergent Series:Allegiant)-Tove Lo

Scars we carry私達のこのキズはCarry with memories, memories burned by the dark暗闇と共に焼いたはずの記憶を乗せているTry to see clearlyよくみればTears we buryそこには隠したはずの涙Bury in vain cause the pain got us falling apart意味もなく隠…