Various Artists

Coming Home-Sheppard

Striven(feat. Marko Saaresto)-Jay Ray

Like a flickering light ちらつく光のように Guiding through a dark room 暗闇へと導かれ Like a terminal mind 自暴自棄になったように Set off forever more hopeful 見込みもなく進もうとするThis vision dances in my head そんなことばかりが頭に浮か…

Too Late To Say Goodbye-Cage the Elephant

Oh my precious ember burning my sweet glowing light 僕の中の小さな炎は甘い光を放っている From the moment I first saw you I was yours and you were mine 初めて君を見た時から僕は君のものだし君は僕のものだった Deep down we both knew you were t…