Requested Songs


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Something Strange-Vicetone (feat. Haley Reinhart)


Tomorrow Never Comes-Datascape

Shield my eyes 'Cause all I have is emptiness inside Sands of Time Are running out I'm feeling so confined The Future is not so clear With every moment passing There's nothing left to fear Or so they say... 目を閉じるのは 内なる空虚と向き…

This Time Around (feat. Slyleaf)-Keepsake

Waiting-Vicetone (feat. Daisy Guttridge)

You Remind Me-Griffin(ft. Stanaj)

Walk Thru Fire (feat. Meron Ruan) -Vicetone

Peace-Alison Wonderland

Broken & Beautiful-Kelly Clarkson

Good Lord-Birds of Tokyo

War of Hearts-Ruelle

Solute Your Solution-The Recounters (カタカナ)

Voices-Against The Current

Emerald Sword-Rhapsody

Desperate-Jonas Blue

All of Your Glory-Broods

Emotion-Astrid S

Be Alright-Dean Lewis

Take Cover-Jordie Ireland

We Got LoveーJessica Mauboy

I Wanna Know (feat.Bea Miller) -NOTD

Just Friends-Hayden James(feat. Boy Matthews)

BITE-Troye Sivan

I Said Hi-Amy Shark

Pray-Bebe Rexha

I pray to God, that he makes me feel alright Hope he gets me through this one more night 神様に祈るの そうやって自分の正気を保つ この夜を乗り越えられるよう願い続けるの I pray to God, he's like one too many drinks And my intuition starts to…