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和訳-Various Artists

Emerald Sword-Rhapsody

I crossed the valleys the dust of midlandsTo search for the third key to open the gates扉を開けるための3つ目の鍵を求め砂埃舞う内陸の峡谷を渡り歩きNow I'm near the altar the secret inside そしてとうとう秘伝の祭壇の近くまでやってきたAs lege…

Too Late To Say Goodbye-Cage the Elephant

Too Late To Say Goodbye Oh my precious ember burning my sweet glowing light 僕の中の小さな炎は甘い光を放っている From the moment I first saw you I was yours and you were mine 初めて君を見た時から僕は君のものだし君は僕のものだった Deep down…